Initiative & Institution Symposium

Saturday, 08.03.08, 12.00
question education
trigger talks:
matthew cornford (cornford & cross),
alex johnson (yoke & zoom)
sam curtis
chair: robert mull

Listen to mp3 here: Initiative & Institution – Symposium – Question Education – 08.03.08


Initiative & Institution Thursday Lecture Series

Thursday, 14.02.08, 18.30


Matthew Cornford and David Cross have worked together since meeting at St Martins School of Art in 1987. Since that time they have created a unique body of work made both in the public realm and for galleries. In the main, their way of working has been to respond to a particular context or situation, by examining the problems that arise out of it. Accordingly, each of their projects has been radically different, not only in form but in function. Equally, the artists have not worked in a single media, but produced sculpture and installations, worked with video and photography, and created one-off events and sound works. One particular focus for the artists has been creating site-specific and commissioned projects for public spaces.


Thursday 14/02/08, 6:30pm
Department of Architecture and Spatial Design
London Metropolitan University
Spring House 40 – 44 Holloway rd
London N7 8JL



Is it possible to work within an institution, without becoming institutionalised?

Could institutional buildings and systems of management be designed to disrupt institutional thinking?

Can large institutions be encouraged to deconstruct themselves?


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