Initiative & Institution Symposium

Friday, 07.03.08, 12.00 

‘take place’
trigger talks and discussion:
can altay
townley & bradby
chair: andreas lang

Listen to mp3 here: Initiative & Institution – Symposium – Take Place –
Saturday, 08.03.08, 11.00

build publics
trigger talks:
marianne mueller (mueller kneer),
jonathan mosley, sophie warren & robin wilson
kathrin böhm (public works)

Listen to mp3 here: Initiative & Institution – Symposium – Build Publics – 08.03.08


public works/ kathrin böhm & andreas lang

public works is an art/architecture collective consisting of architects Sandra Denicke-Polcher, Torange Khonsari, Andreas Lang and artist Kathrin Böhm, who have been collaborating in different constellations since 1998.

All public works projects address the question how users of public space are engaging with their environment and how design and programmatic strategies can support and facilitate physical, economical and social infrastructures in the public realm. public works’ art and architecture collaboration is using the methodology of art led processes to explore how existing social dynamics can inform spatial, architectural and urban proposals.


Proposal – Kathrin Böhm

my 5 min presentation will focus on organisations/institutions that have chosen to deliver live pilot projects for regeneration areas, instead of sublitting another written report or feasibility study.

Examples and weblinks:
Thurrock: A Visionary Brief in the Thames Gateway
A major international programme to promote the area of Thurrock and demonstrate new thinking on culturally-led regeneration. The programme aimed to create a positive identity for the area and celebrate its history and future potential.
by General Public Agency, London

Creative Egremont is an innovative public and community art programme in and around Egremont, West Cumbria, England.
by Grizedale Arts, Cumbria

A feasibilty study for a new community building for the village of Purfleet (Thurrock) delivered in the form of a residency on site and
the one-to-one testing of proposed ideas.
by public works, London



Kathrin Böhm

How to deliver meaningful projects with a long term prospect in the context of disfunctional regeneration schemes?

Do we need the help of green little dragons to fight the monster?


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