Graphic designer Alexandre Bettler studied at ECAL in Switzerland before completing an MA in Communication Art and Design in 2005 at the Royal College of Art. His work has a strong relationship to everyday life and to the small elements that surround us. Alexandre is currently working on a large-scale project about bread, using it as a means for communication and organising the ‘bread workshops’ across Europe. Started graphic design studio Modern Activity in 2007 as well as working on personal projects, giving talks and organising events. He lives and works in London.



is based on 2 ideas: the ‘club’ and the sandwich’!
I have been traveling quite a bit and something you can find everywhere around the world is the ‘club sandwich’ which is maybe simply a way for ‘western’ people to find similar food all around the world… (it is also very english form of sandwich that you wont find in Europe…)
It joins the idea of a ‘club’, a group of people somehow connected, and the idea of bread (which i use in the BREAD WORKSHOPS as a link to friendship and communication).

A specific feature of the ‘club sandwich’ is its triangular form, (and toothpick).
The triangular forms brings me to the ‘dymaxion map’ from buckminster fuller and the fact that the best way to represent the planet is maybe not with a sphere but triangles.
So, each participant gets 6 little paper/toothpick made flags:
4 filled with name of people they would like to meet
2 with people they think I should meet (based on the projects i showed)

The idea then is to use the triangle sandwich as a way to represent the triangular equation:

me(A) – some one i want to know(B) – someone that can connect us(C)

using the sandwiches, we will then draw a map of the connections and see how many equations we will manage to make happen.
Of course, if (C) can get me to know/meet/connect to (B), he receives my sandwich and can eat it!!!



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