Lorenz Potocnik

Project Title: Platzl fürs Grätzl (small place for the neighbourhood)

Team: Gerhard Brandl (artist), Lorenz Potocnik (architect), Gregor Graf (artist)

Finding place… a cross-way becoming open space

End of summer 2007 – a new square at the former crossing of two streets in the old city of Linz is a patchwork of asphalt, with the maximum of parking lots positioned inbetween the roads.

The two year long design process made it possible to adapt the project to the different parameters. All that the designs had in common was the desire to create an open, multiple purpose space contrary to classical typologies. Additional conditions were the integrating of two old trees right in the middle of the square, bypassing the traffic, and last but not least the elimination of around 20 parking spaces, which seemed justifiable as two new parking garages in the immediate surroundings had just been built.

We understood the indefiniteness and namelessness of the place as an opportunity for something uncommon. Situated off the beaten track and being small, the square addresses itself to its proximate residents; A common space. A microcosm neighbourhood. A hybrid of the indoors and outside. An extended living room for the citizens. An open space for everybody. The fountain in form of a shower in particular asks for unusual utilisation in public space.

The elements of the square are all custom-made. Seating, bollards, concrete platforms, glass balustrades, floor coating and the shower, were all designed in close cooperation of the planner team, producers and the city`s administration. An additional focal point is the utilisation at night. Convenient and concentrated light is provided by six special and low hanging luminaires. On the side adjacent to the art and architecture gallery, structural measures had been taken to create stairs leading to a future events space underground.

Lorenz Potocnik (architect), www.potocnik.net
Gerhard Brandl (artist),
Gregor Graf (artist) www.gregorgraf.net


First version:

Platzl fürs Grätzl - Model - First version Platzl fürs Grätzl - Model - First version - night

Second version:

Platzl fürs Grätzl - Model - Second version Platzl fürs Grätzl - Model - Second version - panorama

Last version:

Platzl fürs Grätzl - Model - Last version


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