Initiative & Institution Thursday Lecture Series

Thursday 21.02.08, 18.30

student led seminar:
‘grounds for play’ – steve mcadam & dip 5/ fluid unit


Diploma 5 draws is in pursuit of design processes relevant to day-to-day’s urban conditions and their social and cultural landscapes, and does not believe that designers alone are able to understand, apprehend and formulate propositions offering lasting and appropriate additions to the urban landscape, nor that architecture is but a measure of its physical substance. Diploma 5 is working on a live project for the design of a new playground on the site of an abandoned space in a residential estate in the Isle of Dogs. The client is Southern Housing, a Registered Social Landlord who provide housing across England.
Though a small project it has the ambition to generate real, shared, ‘hybrid’ public space rather than a fenced-off enclave for sterilised ‘play’. The project has evolved through detailed investigations and observations of the site context in social and spatial terms and through discussions with many council departments and officers, a range of youth agencies, the police, play experts, local councillors, academic guru’s and around 800 local people, including groups of children from two local primary schools consulted through agency Bold Creative. Diploma 5 have elected three spokespersons to present the project as a work in progress.

diploma 5



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