Initiative & Institution Symposium

Saturday, 08.03.08, 12.00
question education
trigger talks:
matthew cornford (cornford & cross),
alex johnson (yoke & zoom)
sam curtis
chair: robert mull

Listen to mp3 here: Initiative & Institution – Symposium – Question Education – 08.03.08

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Sam Curtis

Sam Curtis’ practice is concerned with exploring the art/life dichotomy and questioning perceptions of the role of the artist and accessibility issues.
His recent works attempt to re-wire the Beuysian notion of social sculpture into his own experiences whilst employed in the day job.

Recent self-initiated residencies have taken place at Harrods on the fish counter and in IKEA, ignoring the common notion that a residency is by invitation; they set up a different playing field within which the artist can operate.




How much can be gained from subversive initiatives that attempt to remain hidden from the encompassing institution as opposed to initiatives that actively and visibly engage with the institution in a critical and constructive dialogue?

Participation as a form of engagement. Myth? Or potential tool for affecting social change?


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