Initiative & Institution Symposium

Friday, 07.03.08, 14.00

trigger talks and discussion:
juan linares (arzt&linares)
marko sancanin (platforma 9.81)
nil uzun
susanne tusch (erect architecture)
chair: marianne mueller

Listen to the mp3 here: Initiative & Institution – Symposium – Emancipate – 07.03.08


Tension Orcasitas (Estructura Animada), Madrid 2007 (Work in Progress)

Erika Arzt (Austria, 1969) and Juan Linares (Spain, 1972) live and work in Berlin and have been collaborating since 2005. Their projects explore strategies of relating to a given place or context and further seek to engage with a given plurality by means of interactive processes that remain open to transformation and influence. Having lived and worked in different places has shaped a more fluid idea of relation, not finding themselves encapsulated by a situation or a place, in other words not finding themselves either in or outside of it. Developing an individual or collective position they investigate forms of interaction, of presence, of attention, of creation, not only using institutional channels, but also initiating projects independently from institutional drive.



What are the implications of conceiving authorship as the initiation of a given process or the drive behind an initiative rather than the signature of a given outcome?

How can issues of empowerment and collaboration between the individual, the public, professionals and the institution be articulated?

How can one develop a project formally when the project is developed through shared authorship or is open to influence?


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