Initiative & Institution Symposium

Friday, 07.03.08, 17.30

trigger talks and discussion:
petra marguc (polimorph)
barbara holub & paul rajakovics (transparadiso)
chair: celine condorelli

Listen to mp3 here: Initiative & Institution – Symposium – Negotiate – 07.03.08


Polimorph is a pluridisciplinary practice producing research on urban space, developping strategies for complex environments and proposings specific projects designed as tools to orchestrate a dynamic equilibrium between the environment, natural resources, economy, society and the individual. The response to a particular program is never designed as an isolated product, but as a stepping stone in conversation with the context and those who will use, manage and realise the project.Polimorph considers product and process as inherent parts in the formation of collective meaning and identity. We therefore define our field of action for the production of space along two movements implying an on-going back-and-forth between initiative and institution:- designing objects in order to initiate communication spaces;- designing negotiation processes in a way to generate poducts as a momentary resolution of forces.This is also reflected in the complementary management of our work between two partner bodies – a laboratory responsable for applied reseach and a structure in charge of building projects.Driven by a desire to investigate space at large, the common denominator of all projects produced by polimorph is to consider space as a dynamic system to be maintained alive and lived in, be it on the scale of the individual, the city or a territory.The range of projects developed by polimorph span from furniture (urban pillow, waste bins, public benches), buildings (industrial kitchen, restaurant, regeneration of towerblocks, housing), urban planning schemes (morecambe, sarajevo) to cultural events (collective design tools, set design, community consultation).



Where is the expertise for the production of space located?
What gives it legitimacy and value?


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