KEIN is german and means something like “barely”, “no” or “none”. KEIN.ORG is a collaborative working environment that offers a wide range of internet services to activists and artists, groups and individuals from across the globe.

The idea of KEIN.ORG is self-supply in terms of networking techniques. At KEIN.ORG we try to organize and offer exactly what is helpful, what is needed or desired, what is up-to-date, state of the art or might be of any historic or further value. KEIN.ORG operates on a strictly non-commercial, open source and self-organized basis. There are no technicians or employees to be blamed, but there are teams of volunteering developers, administrators and operators involved who collaborate on an ad-hoc basis. The continuity and quality of service is guaranteed by KEIN users and KEIN collaborators themselves rather than by meaningless certificates. KEIN.ORG is an open-ended and self-learning environment. It is not inhabited by unencumbered users pampered with promises and fortified by contracts. The goal is rather to deal with dependencies in the most creative ways and, on this basis, multiply experiences, skills, knowledge among those who really use and appreciate KEIN services.

KEIN.ORG started in summer 1997 at documenta X with the launch of the “no one is illegal” campaign website which was back then hosted by the “contrast.org” server. Soon we decided to set up our own server and build our own networking infrastructure which we then also offered to various local anti-racist, antifascists activist goups as well as migrant self-organizations. Since 1998 KEIN.ORG has been designed, developed and administrated by alternating teams of autodidacts — with a lot of help from friends who teach us the essentials of networking technologies and patiently answered even the most stupid questions. After ten years of existence, KEIN.ORG runs ten servers situated at various locations in Europe. KEIN.ORG is currently hosting more than 500 websites, about 200 content management systems and countless mailinglists from 5 to 5000 subscribers, as well as numerous email-accounts. The array of services includes chat servers (silc and jabber), several mail servers with different configurations, webmail services, domain name hosting, dozens of wiki webs, PHP based content management systems, lively research and development of open source multimedia solutions as well as large database and information retrieval projects.

KEIN.ORG has a strong commitment to the open source content management system drupal which we started to use in early 2003. By now we serve more than 100 installations in three independent farms. Among the most popular sites are DICTIONARY OF WAR, MAKEWORLDS, the multi-user blog ROUNDTABLE of the Research Architecture Institute at Goldsmiths College, the peer-to-peer video syndication network V2V, the internet platform D-A-S-H, and most lately the NETTIME mailinglist.

(KEIN.ORG would not exist without the support of those who devote parts of their funding for internet services to a self-organized project instead of feeding commercial entities. Since KEIN.ORG will not charge anybody for any of the services we depend on generous contributions and donations. If you want to support KEIN.ORG you can make a donation now.)


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