Initiative & Institution Symposium

Friday, 07.03.08, 14.00

trigger talks and discussion:
juan linares (arzt&linares)
marko sancanin (platforma 9.81)
nil uzun
susanne tusch (erect architecture)
chair: marianne mueller

Listen to the mp3 here: Initiative & Institution – Symposium – Emancipate – 07.03.08


Erect Architecture

erect architecture.

Many of our projects are located in the social realm – playgrounds, community gardens, schools, nurseries. They tap into existing communities or are expected to create a community. Often they work with existing environments and are trusted to increase use and improve sociability. Pushed by the physical limitations of architecture and our firm belief that architecture for communities cannot be separated from community formulating processes we initiate public arts projects in support of architectural proposals. We aim to unlock processes in the participants, which might lead to a new understanding of the social and built environment.

Examples of related work
Inbetween (2004, Shoreditch Festival): A treasure hunt through estates in Hackney during the regeneration of public spaces within one of the estates.
Streetlife (2006, London Open House): Set in a ‘dysfunctional’ Modernist icon housing estate a series of events employed architectural concept, psychoanalytic processes and public arts processes all culminating in the ‘Streetlife’ event re-invigorating the original concept of Streets-in-the-air.

erect architecture is based in London.



Using the existing – how can the social potential of built space be enhanced?

Can ‘community’ arts projects/ events serve as catalyst for regeneration from within?

What mechanisms and methods are required for the catalyst to lead on?


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