shed ^ I / – is the provisional construction* and collaborative space in which Renata Tyszczuk and others work together on a diverse range of creative and critically engaged projects. It is part studio, part workshop, part laboratory and part think tank. The projects are underpinned by research and teaching on global environmental change and social responsibility. Renata Tyszczuk is an academic and artist with a post as Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Sheffield and a practice that to date has spanned design, writing, experimental filmmaking and installation. Current work includes contributions to the ‘Interdependence Day’ project with nef and the Open University. Her recent provisional constructions have involved MArch students from studio six, Sheffield.provisional construction*

The challenges to architecture provoked by global environmental change can be understood not as a set of poorly understood constraints but as a real possibility for creativity: for building more with much less, for providing a new sense of the permanent as the ongoing and provisional.

We might think of architecture therefore as provisional construction. This invites us to explore cities in a different way – to deploy and test the strategies of re-use, of making-do, of alternative provisions and to generate material and thoughtful responses, which have a resourceful permanence. This kind of architecture requires an assemblage of different inputs, passions and potentialities. Its participative dimension encourages a drafting of architecture by many – wherein a redrafting is always to be expected. Everybody is an amateur. Provisional works generate more questions than answers, involving critical reflection of how both the materialisation of the process and imaginative participation in it has extended and developed the initial proposition. Such constructions occur prior to any possibility of building. Their experimental gestures allow the discovery of specific responses to what could or should be made. Provisional constructions have the potential for the transformation of a public and a city. They recall the tradition of carnival and its ephemeral festival constructions. They can evoke satire and its capacity for political commentary. A provisional construction may well be nervous about its own existence. It acknowledges its indeterminacy, its redundancy and its uselessness. It undermines itself as if the only way to be credible in the current context is with irony.

The notion of provisional construction is deliberately evasive – it is a concept in proviso.

mappa mundi (workshop and installation), RGS, London, 2007.

mappa mundi (workshop and installation), RGS, London, 2007.

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