Initiative & Institution Symposium

Friday, 07.03.08, 14.00

trigger talks and discussion:
juan linares (arzt&linares)
marko sancanin (platforma 9.81)
nil uzun
susanne tusch (erect architecture)
chair: marianne mueller

Listen to the mp3 here: Initiative & Institution – Symposium – Emancipate – 07.03.08


>>Download Nil Uzun’s article here: ‘Independent Artist Initiatives in Istanbul: Circulation of Culture in Grassroots Globalization as a Form of Activism’<<



The relationship of arts and politics, whether inspiring new forms of protests as the performative acts in demonstrations, stencil works on the streets or artistic events inspired from the leading figures or groups in the theory or activism like Emma Goldman and Guy Debord, is a very recent phenomena disabling a well designed both theoretical and practical articulation of the long term repercussions. Moving from the two binary oppositions of aestheticization and romanticization of politics to the denial of a change, newness or being unable to see what is beyond the incorporated and institutionalised, thus ‘governmentable’ forms of activism, I posit these questions:

Can initiating be associated with direct political action?

Are there some other formations beyond institutions?

What are the promises of aesthetics different from traditional forms of demonstrations?

How is local culture transformed and interpreted through transnational art networks associated with a critical stance?

What does it mean to organize as an art activist network or to organize without a reference to activism but with a critical stance at the same time?

What are the mechanisms of commercializing the “political” when it can be said that the aesthetics paves the way?

What are the ways in which the right wing, conservative ideologies instrumentalize the art field?


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